From car factory to NackaStrandsMässan - A fair most suitable for new ideas

The history of Nacka Strandsmässan goes back to the end of the last century, when the industrial pioneer and manufacturer of the Primus paraffin stove, Johan Victor Svenson, purchased Augustendal to start a serial production of Sweden’s first car.

But before the production even started, his new Construction Manager suggested that it would be wiser to manufacture motors instead, which lead to the large-scale production of the Avance motor. They were run on paraffin oil and became very popular, being used in locomotives, sawmills, plows, combine harvesters and other machines all over the world. The motor was later rebuilt into a model used for boats, and the factory manufactured and sold about 3000 units for the Swedish boat market only.

The factory unfortunately did not survive the economic depression in the 1920’s and went bankrupt. After that the premises were actually used for manufacturing cars for Philipson Automobil AB who took over the company from J.V. Svenson, even though it mostly was about end production and the assembling of imported cars. J.V. Svenson himself got to keep his residence (Fabrikörsvillan) and lived a continuous happy and good life, by the motto “Unfortunate is only the one who can’t bear unfortune”. He kept working on developing new products, but since he lacked financial capital he was not able to launch any new inventions during the rest of his life.

Nacka Strandsmässan opened up as a venue for meetings, events and exhibitions in 1991.