Address & Contact information

Nacka Strandsmässan
Augustendalstorget 6
131 52 Nacka Strand, Stockholm
+46 (0)8 505 844 70

Mail to event organizers shall be addressed: 

Name of event, Name of company/exhibitor
PO Box 1114
131 26 Nacka Strand

Important telephone numbers

Reception Nacka Strandsmässan +46 (0)8 505 844 70


Delivery address for goods: 
Name of Event, Name of company/Exhibitor 
Augustendalstorget 2
131 52 Nacka Strand

Loading and unloading of goods:

For Metallgjuteriet, please use goods entrances at Augustendalstorget 2 or Automobilgatan 1. The entrance at Augustendalstorget 2 uses an elevator with capacity of 3.400 kg.
Gate dimensions Automobilgatan 1: height 3.35 metres, breadth 3.00 metres.
Elevator dimensions: height 2.2 metres, breadth 2.2 metres, depth: 4.98 metres.

Loading goods to Svenska Bilfabriken: use goods entrance at Cylindervägen 1. Gate height is 2.80 metres.

Storing of goods: Contact us at NackaStrandsMässan

Returning goods: All departing goods shall be marked with address and freight labels. Every exhibitor is responsible for taking care of returning goods. For transport assistance, please contact us at NackaStrandsMässan.

All handling of goods are charged by current price list.

Stand construction & design

Contact us at NackaStrandsMässan.

Focus on the environment…

Nacka Strand is putting a lot of effort into their sustainability work and Nacka Strandsmässan is assisted by the Nacka Strand Eco Team. During the loading and unloading of goods prior to an exhibition, we supply recycling stations around the venue. All exhibitors will be charged an environmental fee of 12 Sek/m2 due to environmental duties. For all heavy refuse left behind after an event, a fee will be charged the exhibitor.

Exhibitor Insurances

Contact your insurance company to find out if your insurance covers exhibitions. If you’re not covered, please contact IF Skadeförsäkring in Gothenburg.
Tel: +46 (0)31 345 62 20
Fax: +46 (0)31 345 64 30

Safety & Security

Fire regulations: All exhibit material needs to be classified as safe by fire regulations. 
Emergency exits can never be blocked.
Security: The venue is locked and the alarm is put on at the latest 1 hour after closing time. The outdoor area is under surveillance by patroling guards from G4S. Valuables are left at the venue at owner’s risk. Please make sure your exhibited products are insured properly.